With the transition for UtaForum from free open source forum software to the commercial XenForo script UtaForum found the need to fund raise to help tackle the large up front licencing fees both for the initial software an various extensions that would expand XenForo’s functionality further.

The first method of fundraising was of course our successful Kickstarter. For those that couldn’t use Amazon Payments and Kickstarter a PayPal alternative was hosted here on UtaForum HQ. A special thank you to everyone that contributed to the Kickstarter and its related PayPal campaign.


A full account of how much funds raised is available @ Fundraising Ledger

With the funds raised we were not only able to licence XenForo, but many useful extensions that added new features like a fully integrated chatbox, a showcase system for UTAU profiles, a management system for tutorials and downloads, social media integration, and a credits system to reward positive community interactions.

That being said there are still some things we would like to fundraise for outlined below…

Future Liabilities
XenForo and several of our extensions have annual maintenance costs.
Renewed once every 12 months we do not have to pay them and can continue using our existing version indefinitely but if we would like continued updates and support each has an associated cost.

Plugin Wishlist
Below are add-ons and their associated infolinks that we feel would be of benefit to UtaForum.

  • Xen Media Gallery
    Media Gallery for XenForo with User Albums, Photo Uploads, Video Embeds, Importers and Much More!
  • Post Ratings System
    Powerful replacement for Likes — adds ability to rate posts (e.g. Disagree, Informative, Friendly, Funny, Friendly)
  • Notifications System
    Improve communication by adding a popup notification system for users and guests.
  • Remote Data Storage
    Allows the storage and backup of data (avatars, attachments & resources) in remote servers.
  • Social Groups
    Adds social group functionality that can used to expand the existing fanclub system.

The current method of fundraising includes direct Token Purchases on UtaForum itself.
Note: This functionality may be disabled if we feel we have enough funds in reserve to maintain UtaForum for an extended amount of time

Fundriasing Infographic